This is where I will be posting all my clutches for the season. Find out exactly what the paring was, what the parents and every baby looked liked, and find out what's still available for purchase. 

Clutch #1


First clutch of the season was Pastel Enchi Yellowbelly x Yellowbelly. Nice big clutch with 8 eggs and no slugs (infertile eggs). 


2018 Clutches

Clutch #3


Clown & Butter Clown x Pastel Het Clown, 6 eggs no slugs. 


Clutch #2


Calico Spotnose x Black Fire (Black Pastel Fire), 7 eggs no slugs.


Clutch #4


Calico Spotnose x Enchi Spinner, 6 eggs and 5 slugs


Clutch #5


Albino x Albino Spider, 7 eggs.



Clutch #6


Pastel Mystic x Mojave Het. Ghost, 9 big eggs no slugs, 


Clutch #7


Pastel Highway x Ivory, 7 eggs.



Clutch #8


Black Fire x Black Pewter (Black Pastel Pastel) Butter Ghost, 6 eggs 1 slug.





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Clutch #7 Pastel Highway x Ivory 7 eggs

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